At present, the Telecom Industry of India is flourishing. It is a fact that India is home to the maximum number of mobile users. This reflects the level of growth of the Telecom Industry in India. Many national corporate giants and international companies have ventured into these sectors to explore the benefits that are associated with the growing demands of Indian consumers.

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Telecommunications technicians are responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing telephone, fax, video conferencing, and computer equipment for businesses. A telecom tech frequently interacts with office workers in a help desk capacity. They are usually supervised by telecom administrators or other information technology (IT) staff.

Telecom techs have earned associate's degrees in computer science or information technology. During their studies, they have learned how to operate and repair voice, wireless network, local area network, and video conferencing systems. The Telecommunications Industry Association recommends optional certification in a diverse variety of communications technologies in order for telecommunications technicians to advance in their careers and to increase overall career opportunities.

Skills Required
Telecom techs frequently perform help desk services and need to be capable of communicating with many different types of professionals in an office environment. Trouble-shooting equipment and networking problems requires creativity, quick thinking, and problem solving skills. As junior staff, telecom techs must be good at taking direction from others.

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