The main goal of the recruitment agencies to maintain high professional standards so that they can get the best for their industry. It helps to find the right candidate for the right job. It can provide with the candidate’s dispose from entry-level to senior and experienced professionals includes candidate’s with appropriate skilled and those who are hard worker. Recruitment services are increasing in a number of organisations and companies need for efficient human talent and willing to pay a extra to recruitment companies to define suitable human resources. Indian Recruitment companies to maintain high professional standards, so that they can get the best job for their organisation.
Recruitment is core fundtion of Human Resource Management. It is the process of finding and hiring in human resources management, means choosing a  person the best and most qualified candidate for a specific position opening in an organizarion. It is attaracting candidates to apply for the job and integrating them. The main reason the recruitment process is less time-consuming,  implemented is to find the right and qualified persons who are best skilled for the position within the organization. On the otherway, it is encouraging candidates to apply, so they can get the perfect job.
A recruitment basically consists of three distinct phases, ad for the vacant position, the selection process and finally choosing the right candidate. To increase the efficiency of a candidate, it is recommended that the HR team of an organization follow up the five best process. These five process ensure successful recruitment without any interruptions, these process also ensure the consistency and compliance in the recruitment process. The five process are (i) Recruitment Process, (ii) Recruitment Planning, (iii) Rectruitment Strategy, (iv) Screening and Shortlisting, (v) Evaluation and Control.
Recruitment agencies work directly with other companies to offer the best fit to their vacant positions. The agency is received with a job description from any organization having an opening. After receiving the job opening and going through it in detail the agency shortlisted the candidates, who are the best fit for the job opening. This agencies optimize CVs and shortlist the best qualified candidates. Once a candidate is shortlisted they guide him and provide advice to prepare for the interview. They are mainly accountable to streamline the job seeking process and provide the best fit to a vacant position. The companies then ask agencies to arrange as well as coordinate an interview between the company and the candidate.
The recruitment agencies have in-depth knowledge of the field and can offer detailed information about the company. Most of the agencies come directly to the candidate or calling them, but need to identify agencies that have a job opportunity that is ideal for the candidate. Candidate can share their resumes with them. Alternatively, the recruitment agency will reach to the candidate by going through the online CV and when they would find that the candidate is a perfect fit for the opening. Sometimes, the recruitment consultant will act like a middle-man between the company and the candidate. They would share the CV with the company and plan for an interview. If the result is positive, then they will help for the interview preparation and offer tips and pointers and direct to seek the best results from the interview.