: 10 Lacs
: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
: 1
: Both
: 10 Years - 16 Years

JOB DETAILS             
Providing legal advice and support on a wide range of legal activities
Independently Structuring/ Drafting/Vetting/ Negotiating all types of documents relating to Real Estate.
Ensure legal Due Diligence during land/property acquisition in particular Title investigation & Local legislation. Inspection of title documents of the property inclusive of revenue records, P. R. Cards, title deeds, other related property documents etc. during title due diligence process.
Drafting/Vetting Development Agreements, Sale Deed, Conveyance Deed, Agreement for Sale, Development Agreement, Consent Agreements, Leave & License Agreements, Power of Attorney, Affidavits, Mutual Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement
Drafting commercial contracts viz, MOUs, Term Sheets, construction contracts, NDAs, sponsorship agreements, franchise agreements, power purchase agreements, Employment Contracts, Distributorship Agreements, HR policies, codes of conduct, etc;
Providing corporate commercial legal advice with a primary focus on negotiating and structuring commercial transactions; Drafting and Reviewing contracts and other commercial agreements. Board Resolution, Share Purchase Agreement, subscription agreement, Trademark license agreement, etc
Ensuring communication & correspondence with clients for Finalizing terms & conditions of contracts and to ensure that contracts are finalized within negotiated & agreed-upon parameters.
Draft various documents as may be required in the course of work.
Attending meetings with clients.
Co-ordinate and following up with Clients.
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