Why Manpower Recruitment is considered a vital department in an Organization

Posted on: November 22 2018, By : Shreya laisetti
manpower recruitment is considered a vital department in an organization
Employees are the most important asset for a business. They serve to create or promote an organization's culture, and they significantly affect the success of a business. In challenging economic times, the cost of hiring inefficient personnel may prove to be detrimental to the profitability of an organization. An effective and thorough manpower-recruiting process requires an employer to carefully choose the most talented employees who will positively benefit the organization or business.Great manpower enables organizations to keep the creation and conveyance guarantees they make. If the organizations do this, they can build up and keep up great customer connections. This can prompt extra deals. In the meantime, keeping guarantees can keep organizations from paying fines and punishments, which keeps the measure of benefit higher.
Except for some private ventures, for example, sole proprietorship, organization manpower is a basic issue. Manpower impacts everything from creation to customer connections, so administrators give careful consideration to the quantity of specialists a business draws in at some random time. The connection among manpower and company projects is fairly simple: Manpower is proportional to productivity. The more individuals are accessible to work, the quicker tasks can be finished. Alternately, an absence of sufficient manpower keeps organizations from finishing undertakings. The absence of efficiency converts into a decrease in income and benefit, which at times implies the business can't remain operational.
When the level of manpower in a company is adequate, the business has more options in how it operates. It has some flexibility in terms of which employees cover shifts; it is easier to get people to fill in. The company may have a greater pool of workers with which to construct strong teams and is more likely to have employees with the skills, knowledge and abilities to tackle current company problems. Additionally, the company has more employees who can give their own ideas and perspectives. It therefore may have an easier time remaining innovative and competitive.
Manpower has a significant role to play for the success of any kind of business. The companies of all sizes need sufficient manpower to ensure their success. Manpower is defined as the combined work of people that is utilized by any organization for its benefits against payment of certain charges. Also, manpower includes professionals from various expertise level and fields. The higher level and the middle level employees are as much important as the entry level manpower.
Recruitment is the process that identifies as well as hires the best-qualified candidates from within or outside of an organization for job vacancies, in a most timely and cost effective manner. According to Edwin B. Flippo, "Recruitment is the process of searching for the potential candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for job vacancies in the organisation". Recruitment involves the activity that links the job seekers with employment providers. Recruitment is also a process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. The process starts with seeking of new recruits and ends when their applications are submitted. The objective is to have a pool of applications from which most suitable employees are selected. Recruitment is an organisational function that precedes the selection. It helps in creating a wide pool of prospective employees for the organisation to facilitate the selection of the right candidates for the right jobs from this pool. Recruitment furthers the process of selection. Recruitment is a continuous process by which the organisations endeavour to develop a pool of qualified applicants for the existing vacancies as well as for future human resources needs. In general the recruitment process starts from employee requisition process for existing or for anticipated vacancies. Theoretically, recruitment process ends with receipt of applications but in practice the activity continues up to the screening of applicants that eliminate unqualified people.
The marketing, sales, human resources and manufacturing are all significant sectors within the organization and therefore it is vital to recruit competent manpower for performing these functions efficiently. The manpower consultancy are responsible for arranging manpower to the companies. The companies are therefore very much beneficial to the companies as they do not have to think about this problem. The process of manpower recruitment is a vital department in an organization and may be carried out at the organization level also. But the only limitations is that the search for proper candidate needs a lot of operational cost. The best recruitment consultancy ease these entire problems by screening from first to last candidates profiles and therefore the task becomes very much easier. Following are the reasons why manpower recruitment is considered a vital department in an organization.
§  Attract and encourage a good number of candidates to apply for the organisational vacancies.
§  Create a talent pool of prospective candidates that enables the selection of best candidates to suit for the organisational need.
§  Determine present and future organisational requirement taking into consideration of personnel planning and job analysis activities.
§  Links the employers with the potential employees.
§  Increase potential candidates’ pool at less cost.
§  Increases success rate of selection process by reducing the number of under qualified or overqualified job applicants.
§  Reduce the probability of leaving the organisation only after a short period of time, once recruited and selected.
§  Meet the organizations’ legal and social obligations maintaining its workforce composition.
§  Determine the appropriateness of the candidates by identifying and preparing potential job applicants.
§  Increase organizational and individual effectiveness regarding application of various recruitment techniques and taping different sources of recruitment concerned.
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