Role of Human Resource Management in creating a Positive work Environment.

Posted on: June 13 2018, By : Shreya Poojari
HRM for Positive  Work in Environment.
       Employees are crust of every organization. Organization build its foundation strong when it hires employees who are solely engaged their work only then the organization can achieve the goal it has set to be achieved. This engagement is build the HR of the organization.
        Three things are essential for any business to grow. I.e. Man, Material, Labor. Material, Labor is the same Man is the only one who makes the difference in the productivity. He has the ability to destroy the efficiency and also have the potential to achieve greater heights of success.
      HR brings in Competitive Edge in the organization by retention of the employees within the organization. Employees are motivated and feel cherished when they get positive support and when they get to know how their effort integrates and contributes to the business. Instead sending a formal email or a traditional appreciation letter, give them regular and specific feedback on how their work is fostering to the business objectives.
       As a HR Professional you have to build trust among your superiors, peers and juniors, and it will spur success and greatness for themselves, their units, alliances and the Organization. As organizations incurred high cost in training and development of the candidates to get the desired results for the growth of candidate in organization and also in growth of organization in whole. The optimum utilization of full potential of the must to the organization.
       So the question remains the same how can we achieve optimum utilization of Human Resource? There are various theories and concepts developed by researchers for improving the engagement of the Human Resource stating the crucial role of HR throughout the organization life cycle.
       HR professionals know that to have engaged workers, you have to pay them fairly so it is important to participate in salary and benefits surveys in your market to be sure you are competitive.  Pay and benefits are only part of what is now called “Total Rewards Programs” which, in addition to pay and benefits, also include recognition programs and flexible work schedules.
         One of the most important ways of ensuring positive employee engagement is finding the best fit for the job or position.  When interviewing candidates for a position, HR managers need to consider each candidate’s “cultural fit” with the company.   A cultural fit includes seeing if the prospective candidate will be able to complement the culture of the company, and this can be determined during the interview process.
         Once the candidate is hired, it is important that the employee stay dedicated to the company culture.  To do this, HR staffs serve an important role in liaising between management and employees to ensure achievement of company goals, as well as continuously communicate company values to employees
          HR professionals serve as teachers and mentors for other leaders in the organization to ensure that leaders continue to learn and grow in their roles.  Employees respond favorably when their leaders are learning and when they show vulnerability in the workplace.  HR professionals can influence leaders to communicate often with employees—especially when they share stories of their path to leadership and the lessons learned along the way.
          One way organizations can gauge whether or not their employees are engaged is by doing employee surveys or focus groups to ask questions about how employees are feeling about the work, the organization, and its leadership
         One way to build engagement and also give back to the community is to volunteer for causes that matter to your employees.  Some organizations ask employees to nominate a favorite charity and select that group to sponsor for a year. Others select organizations where not only are you giving back to the community but you are building teams, such as volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.  This can develop meaningfulness in employees towards the organization.
         Employees want to be recognized for the good work they do and, now more than ever, having flexible work arrangements have a hugely positive impact. HR professionals know that having the right policies in place to reward employees while allowing them to have some sort of control over their schedule results in higher engagement.
         Every 6 months, or even quarterly, present the most important issues in your company and the actions made to address those issues. Involve your team in planning ahead, assessing opportunities and coming up with improvement ideas for your business strategy.
        By promoting transparency and offering them a strategic insight into how the company is being managed, you’ll foster loyalty and you’ll also have a prepared leadership.
        One of the biggest costs of a high employee turnover rate is the loss of essential information. A knowledge sharing system helps you avoid that cost, to some extent, and it’s also a great engagement driver for newcomers.
         You can have a mentorship program, pairing experienced employees with newly hired ones. Create a learning program template that they should follow, giving them enough space to test their own learning methods. Give them a timeframe, a set of objectives and let the relationship unfold on its own.
         HR is Key in ensuring a positive working environment in which all employees feel that they serve an important role.  By taking these measures to ensure employee engagement, HR will play an instrumental role in improving the productivity of day-to-day business and demonstrate its commitment to helping the company achieve success.
           Expressing your gratitude and saying thanks to your employees can change the entire atmosphere and make your workplace be a much nicer place.
           Create a happy work environment and productive workforce that is eager to contribute; your business can withstand any economic storm.
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