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Posted on: July 31 2018, By : Sonam Tiwari
food industry recruitment in Mumbai
From walking several minutes to ordering your food at your fingertip, the food or restaurant industry( Food and Beverage Recruitment Agencies in Mumbai) had changed a lot. With the growing technology, number of restaurants and food services has increased and hence the competition. Every day new features are added, from online payment, food delivery to track your food services. It has become now very important to retain your customers or add new customers by providing them various discounts.
Mentioning that, the recruitment for restaurants has become more filtering process. The person should be well knowledge and aware of the current food standards, market segmentation, technology. And also he can foresight the future trends and market value and take decisions accordingly. Communication is one of the key factor which should be possessed by every employee of the restaurants. The person must be able to greet or  able to advice the guest on selection and promote additional sales accordingly. Managerial skills at the peak hours of restaurant helps the customer to believe in the services( Recruitment Process in Food Industry). Most of the restaurant have Televisions, DVDs, projector or audio system, the person must be able to handle all the technology properly so that he can help the customer with it.( Manpower Recruiter in Thane)
Discounts, coupon, seasonal offers are one of the key factors by which the customers get attracted to the restaurant. Refunding the bill on the customers feedback, providing them the replacement are few ways by which the restaurant try to maintain the customers. Taking regular feedback and acting upon it helps to understand the need of the customers. Etiquette, appearance, knowledge of menu are few points which gives customer a good impression about the service of restaurant. It's said that a restaurant is known for its cleanliness and hence whether it be a restroom or waiting area, the restaurant must be clean. Behaving politely with your junior employees makes customer feel good about the mannerism of the restaurant.
Looking at the various points for the employee of the restaurant, one needs to be very manageable, polite, with etiquettes, and very social and approachable. Recruiting (Recruitment of food industry in Mumbai) such candidates requires a lot of screening. Various means like social, job portals, from hotel management colleges are used for recruiting the candidate. Using job specific keywords like restaurant names or job positions, the candidates can search for job or the recruiters can search the candidates with skills like hotel management, hospitality etc. The resume are screened based on the restaurant or  job positions requirement. Also confirmation of the candidate are also taken into consideration while screening.
Screened resume are sent to the restaurant or the concerned client for further screening at their level. The candidate whose resumes are shortlisted are scheduled for the interviews. Based on their interview process, selections are made and other joining formalities are discussed. Depending on the restaurant, induction or training( Food and Beverage Recruitment Agencies in Mumbai) are provided to the new joinee. It may happen that the recruitment for restaurant, cafes or some other types of food services differ from one another. Hence it is very crucial for the recruiters to recruit right candidate for the required position. Safe food handling, multitasking, customer service, knowledge of menu are few skills that every restaurant employee must have.
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