Recruitment process in Fashion & Beauty Industry

Posted on: January 05 2019, By : Shreya Laisetti
Recruitment process in Fashion & Beauty Industry
The fashion and beauty industry encompasses a range of careers in fields such as art and design, management, sales, media and communications, and personal care and service. Some fashion and beauty industry professionals focus on helping individuals improve their appearance while others create new styles and products. Others are involved with selling products or promoting products and designs. The overall Beauty Business in India is growing rapidly with the cosmetics market growing at 15-20% annually. The retail beauty and cosmetics market in India currently estimated at USD 950 million is pegged at USD 2.68 billion by the year 2020. The beauty care market in India is likely to become the main contributor to the growth of Indian wellness industry and it consists of salons, cosmetic products, cosmetics treatment centres and cosmetic products. Women contribute to over 85% of the Salon industry revenue, while men’s hair is the next wave set to hit the Indian Salon Industry. The Indian Cosmetics Industry has seen a tremendous growth in the last few years due to rising beauty concerns among both men and women.
Over the last five years the growth figures are:
-Cosmetic Products - 60%                  
-Salons - 35%;
-Cosmetic Treatments - 5%
The cosmetics market in India currently has an overall market standing of USD 6.5 billion and is expected to exhibit strong growth of 22% by 2025. The beauty industry makes up 22 percent of India's market for consumer packaged goods. With the improving purchasing power, demand for enhanced products and increasing image consciousness of the Indian clientele, many international brands started establishing footprints in India. There are many factors that are fuelling up the beauty industry of India.
Below are the major factors that drive the cosmetics industry.
Multi-purpose Products
Products with multiple benefits such as those with anti-ageing properties, moisturizing care and suntan protection are very popular in the skin care cosmetics industry. Foundation creams that offer multiple benefits such as sun protection, moisturizing, oil-free and no pore-clogging are witnessing rising demand, especially from the working women population. High demand for anti-dandruff and anti-hair loss hair care products is being witnessed in the hair care segment. Increasing pollution and unhealthy lifestyles have compelled the consumers for the adoption of alternatives such as cosmeceuticals, natural and organic hair care products across the country.
Shifting Trend to Organic Based Cosmetics
With the increase in the number of healthcare problems associated with traditional cosmetics are compelling consumers to shift to organic cosmetics. These are especially popular among the younger generation. A major share in demand for organic cosmetics across the globe is emanating from consumers in the age group of below 30years.
Increasing Research & Development Activities
Major players are investing heavily in the research and development of new cosmetics and cosmeceuticals. These players are investing significantly in innovations like hypoallergenic creams, which have minimal impact on health. Cosmeceuticals generally have lower contamination of pesticide residues, which makes them an attractive choice for consumers.
Growing Demand for Innovatively Packaged Cosmetics
Currently, the Innovative packaging is playing an important role in driving sales of cosmetics. Multinationals prefer to use environmentally friendly packaging material. Moreover, specifications such as easy to open caps, packs which stand up better in showers, portion control devices are convenient and easy to use.
New product developments happening in the market
Going green has become the new anthem in the fashion and lifestyle categories. As a result, Cosmetic brands are also going eco-friendly with the range. 
According to a research report, the Indian cosmetics industry holds promising growth prospects for both existing and new players. The forecast for hair and beauty industry is pegged at a per capita annual spend of USD1.2 which is expected to grow to USD 6.2. The country’s cosmetic sector has, in fact, emerged as one of the markets holding immense growth potential. The future outlook seems exceptionally bright due to new product launches which are catering to consumers’ growing requirements and will fuel growth in the industry.  According to the latest research report, the Indian cosmetics market registered impressive sales, and with rising purchasing power and growing fashion consciousness, the industry is estimated to expand at an annual growth rate of around 17%. Based on an analysis of consumer behavior, it has been observed that many consumers are increasingly shifting towards ‘natural’ and ‘herbal’ cosmetic products as they are associated with bio-active ingredients and safe for human skin. In addition to this, it is noticed that women are spending more on cosmetics as they are actively earning and spending money on grooming themselves. Human resources is a critical department. It concerns the happiness, and therefore loyalty, of all employees under the umbrella of a fashion company. Due to the lack of attention many fashion companies give to their HR departments, recruitment practices in the industry often follow very traditional methods, eschewing digital tactics for head-hunters or best manpower agencies.
Although a slowing economy and slowdown in consumer spending on non-essential products and services clearly haven't stopped Indian women or men from putting up their best face. Most of the international brands are trying to cash in on the huge appetite for foreign cosmetic brands in India amid growing spending power among the country's large section of women, thanks to the increasing number of ladies entering the corporate workforce every year. On an average, working women intend to spend 35% or more of their income on themselves.
“HR should not be an afterthought,” says Wilk, who believes that the notion of “taking care of your employees and from there your business results will follow” has been fundamental to Rag & Bone’s growth strategy. This is borne out by the data: according to BCG, revenue growth among firms that excel at recruitment is three and a half times faster, and profit margins twice as robust. Effective talent management and leadership development, which are crucial to improving employee engagement and output, are both functions of Human Resource that many fashion businesses can improve upon.  For this the company can opt for the service of HR process outsourcing.
When managing human capital for the fashion industry, the applications of the job are as broad as those of finance or admin. In all facets of a company related to fashion, Human Resource Policy Implementation is an important function. It serves to ensure the happiness of employees, who can often be reluctant and listless. Motivating, encouraging, educating (educational consultant) and dealing with interpersonal or company disputes is an important aspect of any industry, from manufacturing, to retail, and to the runway.
Training is also one of the important functions in HR which many fashion & beauty industry lacks for. Training of employees is of utmost importance as it helps in upgrading your employees. In case the company cannot afford for training they can opt for HR training provided by top consulting firm.
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