Oil and gas placement agency in Chennai

Posted on: May 28 2020, By : Smita Singh
Oil and gas placement agency in Chennai
The oil and gas industry is one of the core industries in India and plays an important role in influencing decision making for all the other main sections of the economy.
India’s economic development is closely connected to energy demand thus, the need for oil and gas is expected to raise more, thereby making the sector fairly beneficial for investment.
The Government of India has taken some policies to fulfill the increasing demand. The government has allowed all(100%) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in many segments of the industry, including natural gas, petroleum products, and refineries, etc. Today, it attracts both domestic and foreign investment, as state in the presence of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) and Cairn India.
If we take a look at the domestic part, different states have different importance but, Chennai offers a positive growth outlook with major new opportunities in the medium to long term future with the help of Top oil and gas recruitment agency in Chennai. In Chennai there are several oil and gas industries or agencies which is collaborate with these recruitment agencies for hiring employees.
If you’re looking to start your career in this sector - whether you’re switching career option or just starting- these following tips will help you to get started.
  • Train for related skills
  • Consider primary level roles
  • Get the related certification
  • Target your resume
  • The most important step towards securing an Oil & Gas job is to register with the Best oil and gas placement agency in Chennai.
Look ahead: Growth of industry employment in Chennai
Around southern India, in the fourth quarter of 2019 and 70 percent indicated that they expected to recruit more soon. Sixty-five percent said they recruited more in the first half of 2020. This signifies a positive style. We saw recruitment consultancy in Chennai hiring start to pick up in the future there was a real shift in moving toward more technical positions like data science, data engineering, and data analytics.
Going through the reports of top consulting firms such as McKinsey most of them predict a peak oil demand near 2030. Also, with a strong push towards cleaner fuel, the share of natural gas in the primary energy mix will be major at least for the next four to five decades. So, altogether the future of the oil and gas industry is good for the next five decades. It means oil and gas placement agencies in Chennai will play an important role in your career if you want to get into this sector.
The best part of this career choice, there are no substitutes of oil and gas. All the alternatives are considerably more costly and lack the flexibility and reliability of oil and gas. As an example: Rooftop residential Solar PV is about 100% more expensive than Utility provided electricity utilizing a Combined Cycle Natural Gas powered plant. Those are reasons why oil and gas placement consultant in Chennai working in this sector, to provide jobs to their candidates.
I would like to wind up here that every aspect of the oil business is an adventure. You would love to wake up and go to work. There is nothing more exciting than finding an oil field. And if you own just a small piece you will positively make money. So, follow the steps mentioned and registered with the oil and gas recruitment agency in Chennai and make your future bright.
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