Managing HR workflow

Posted on: May 22 2019, By : Shubham Naskar
Managing HR workflow
HR workflow is set on tasks that are predictable and repetitive within HR process.HR flow charts, or HR workflows, are documentation created by using flow chart software. It includes various steps and work activities carried out by a human resource department staff, to conduct daily operations that support business. Requests to such as recruitment assistance, hiring assistance or payroll support might seem as simple as sending an email, but these HR process are quite complex, involving many disconnected process path. By using HR process flowcharts, however, the department can visualize and analyze workflows to understand where HR can be improved.
HR departments interact with every employee in every company through broad reach of routine business process. At large companies, many HR process, such as payroll and recruitment is outsourced to companies. This can lead to redundant process and time-consuming rework if work flows aren’t properly documented across the department. When creating a flow chart for any HR process, a confined manageable scope must be selected to start with. Best recruitment consultancy in India provides outsourcing services for different industry. 
Most organization follows the document-driven approach to manage their HR process and procedures. Any approval or request must pass through several hierarchies to be processed. Although these checkpoints reduce the decision-making speed, it ensures that the decision meets the best interests of the organization. Proper workflow management is the key to longevity in the business landscape. Without workflow optimizations, HR process will never be efficient. Top recruitment company in India reduces the decision making process by implementing an effective process flow chart. 
Some of the processes that are commonly used for workflow management are:
1.     Employee Onboarding- Walk new employees through consistent & accurate onboarding experience. Collect employee information quickly with online forms. Notify relevant departments when they need to take action. Email key information at the right time. Placement consultancy in India follows streamline workflow for onboarding process.
2.    Employee Off boarding- Developing a standard off boarding HR process model reduces opportunities for ex-employees to act against the company. Without an off boarding flow chart, it can be easy for important steps to fall through the cracks, with potentially severe consequences such as ex-employees continuing to have access to important files/data, wages or benefits, extending beyond the date of termination etc.
3.    Performance Reviews – Online tools for performance review process including key approval and review touch points. Ensure consistency throughout the entire organization and give employee’s insights into where they are in the process and what’s next. Consultancies provide HR practical training in Mumbai to review performance in an organization. 
4.    Leave request- Ensure accurate capture of approval and dates related to leave requests, with complete, traceable documentation for compliance.
5.    Employee status change- Creating a flow chart for changing employee status allows all involved members of an organization to stay on the same page of an employee’s internal journey, reducing the risk of surprise promotions, missed bonus payments and missed review due dates, keeping everyone aware of changes in responsibilities and payroll.
6.    Applicant hiring and screening- in addition to streamlining the hiring process, workflow can help ensure applicants are properly screened, interviewed and approval is much easier when the process is automated. Capture information, trigger external processes, elicit approvals and track process from beginning to end. Best Placement consultancy in India use extensive process flow for hiring.
7.    Employee training & Development- as part of an onboarding program or independently; automating the workflow for training initiatives provides both a systematic and tractable system for ensuring employees move consistently through a module based series of sessions.
8.     Documentation Requests- Managers and supervisors who need copies of their staff’s personnel files or other documentation can easily request them from a central portal with any required approvals included in the process.

HR department that embraces workflow automation ensures a better employee experience, improved HR productivity and improved standardization. Workflow automation ultimately means that HR can service employee needs while ensuring they can still focus on the higher level HR goals and projects that can’t be automated.
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