HR Policies in India

Posted on: January 16 2020, By : Shweta Vispute
HR Policies in India
In every organization Employees perform important role. Hence to give a good workplace to the employees, organization create HR policies. HR policies means certain guideline which are created to manage the employees of the organization. HR policies in India are created on the basis of human resource management functions and are defined as the set of guidelines use by the company or organization in order to effectively use the employees. They represent specific guideline to HR managers on various matter related to employment. HR policies mostly focus on key guideline like promotion, training, compensation, recruitment, and selections etc. HR policies includes a specific procedure from hiring to resigning of Employees like guidelines to recruit, promote and internal transfer of the employees. Best job consultancy in Bangalore implement the policies which will help the organization as well as employees.

Purpose of the HR Policies 

Manpower consultancy in Bangalore implement HR policies on behalf of organization. This policies helps the organization to demonstrate internally and externally. It also develop HR management practices and use as a reference by taking any decision regarding organization or workplace. Good HR policies of placement consultancy in Bangalore can assist the organization to improve workplace for the employees. It motivate the employees to work efficiently to achieve organizational growth. The creation of an HR policies which sets out responsibilities, employee behavior and documented discipline is now the standard approach to meeting this responsibilities. HR policies helps to maintain understanding between employer and organization regarding employment condition. All employees also happy to accept the HR policies as the main motto of this policies is to treating all employees fairly and equally. This policies help the organization to take disciplinary action for future conflicts. There will be no partiality as these policies are documented by the organization. 

1. Implicit policies – Implicit policies means the policies that are not expressed formally but are concluded on the basis of managers behaviors.

2. Originated policies – Originated policies established by senior managers as a set of guidelines for their subordinates.

3. Appealed polices – Appealed polices used only when other earlier policies are unable to solve or cover a particular case. Situation handling is the main objective of the appealed policies.

4. Imposed policies –The policies that are imposed on the organization by many external associations such as trade unions, government known as Imposed policies.

HR policies are also classified on the basis of the description in an organization.

1. General policies – General policies normally used as a set of guidelines but does not refer to any particular issue. These are generated by the leadership team of an organization.

2. Specific policies – Specific policies are related to particular issues like collective bargaining, compensation, and staffing etc. Confirmation of Specific policies is must to the pattern laid down by the general policies.

The HR Policies are different from organization to organization basis in the issues they are facing. When organization face issues related to employees, they create new HR policies to resolve the issue by treating all the employees equally. If candidates want to know about HR policies from consultancies then they can search hr consultancy in Bangalore, Manpower Agency in Bangalore, Recruitment Agency in Bangalore, job consultancy in Bangalore etc. In this search candidates will get consultancy details which will help them to understand the policies before joining any organization.
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