HR Consultancies on Social media

Posted on: December 14 2019, By : Drishti Khimshia
HR consultancies on Social Media
Many HR consultancies have gone online and have started promoting themselves on social media.  Going online has been a biggest boon to all the businesses as it has helped them reach mass people. Social media recruitment consultants in Bangalore serve as the face and voice of the business in social networks. They run social media campaigns, improve engagement and loyalty with social media posts, and ultimately try to drive sales from social platforms. Demand for social media specialists has grown tremendously in recent years.

Building a placement consultancy in Bangalore will scale up the business but will be competitive at times. Thus social media plays the role of a solution to all these problems. It helps to grow the business and is a vital part of Marketing Mix now. Social Media is such that we can upload good pictures and videos, write content which is related to our topic or business and increase our followers to reach a maximum no. of people. More no. of followers, more the leads and more the clients. Top placement consultancy in Bangalore also uses Social Media for their promotion.

There are various tips for growth of consultancies on Social Media- 
1. Social Media Audit – Before a job consultancy starts with social media they should see who all are trying to connect with them and who all are their target audience and what all social media networks they are using. The consultancy must check the social media pages of other Hr Consultancies.
2. Set measurable goals – The consultancy should look beyond the tweets, likes and shares as they build their HR business. They need to set up a framework which allows them to measure the web enquiries, leads generated and the conversions. Using something which is, specific, measurable, attainable, reliable and timely. The best recruitment consultancies should not forget to daily check the social media goals. They should make their strategy based on the situation.
3. Create quality Content – The content should be new, fresh and easy to understand. The content that the consultancy chooses will be an extension to their brand and will be as effective as it is offline. The content that is written needs to be written carefully because it is what the audience is going to read and that is going to get you business. The social media audience is different so targeting has to be different on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. LinkedIn is going to be business-like in the approach while Facebook will be light hearted. And for Twitter, in only 140 words you have to present your whole message.
4. Make it Regular – Social media needs to be used regularly. There should be posts every day and not once in two months. A consultancy can maintain a social media calendar wherein they can plan of what they should post every day. As the followers of this manpower consultancy in Bangalore increases, they would expect new content every time. If that is not provided to them, then they will slowly switch off to other consultancies.
5. Sourcing interesting Material- To keep up with the competitors, consultancies must follow them. Subscribe their platforms and channels and receive all the digests and information about them.  The content can be re-tweeted or links can be shared in a post. It is not necessary that every time a photo image or written content needs to be shared. It’s just that the things that the recruitment consultancy shares needs to be relevant with the business.  
6. Schedule you’re social Media – The job consultancy must establish social media presence for their business wherein they can schedule no. of posts for Facebook throughout the week. There are platforms where they can run all their social media platforms, schedule posts and set update at the same time. 
7. Use all the big Social Media sites- The best placement consultancies use all big social media platforms to run their businesses. The more a consultancy posts on all the sites the more they reach to mass people and it will reach to people who are actually interested in your content.

With the above points we see that a HR consultancy can use the above methods on Social Media where they can increase and their business and presence. 
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