How to develop your career

Posted on: December 17 2019, By : Drishti Khimshia
How to build your career
Career development is a very critical topic for any student. When a student is in their final year they start to think what they are going to do with their career now. Best placement consultancy helps students to find build their career in various sectors like IT, Advertising, Construction, Automobile, Real Estate, Logistics, FMCG, Hospitality etc. These top manpower consultancy help students to find a place in the corporate world and make them part of the corporate life. 

There are various methods how students can boost their career: 

Use the college’s placement department as your advantage – Students should approach the placement department for their advantage. They should take guidance from them as they are the best advisers to the students. The placement department has various contacts with many companies. These placement departments have contacts with top recruitment consultancy that connect them with the companies.  

If you’re able to, apply for an internship – Internships are the best way of how students can come to know what exactly they want to do in their life. Internships give students the opportunity to understand what they actually want to do with their career and where their interest lies in. Have they chosen the right path or not, whether the work they are been given is what they want to do. So to start with a career, students should first apply for an internship. The best hr consultancy can help the students to find these internships.

Explore careers related to your degree – A student must think twice before getting into work life. They should find their careers in the field of their degree. They must not pursue something that they haven’t studied. They should find work related to their degree. Students can take help of placement consultancy which will guide them exactly what they have done and where should they apply with their studies and other extracurricular activities.  

Network – Students should take help of their friends who are already working in the same field or maybe another, but can help them search in their field. To talk about network, students can also approach their college professors or lecturers. They can be a good source to help the students as they have more contacts than anybody else. Students must use their knowledge and contacts so that they can help them. 
Attend a recruitment event or careers workshop – There are many job fairs and workshops that happen in colleges. Students must attend those so that they can interact with the company representative and make contacts with them. They should dress up well and carry CVs with them so that they can share it with the companies. They must present themselves well to create a good impression the very first time and be prepared with questions that they would like to ask and even answers when any question is asked. 

Get involves with different societies and clubs - Whatever is a student’s interest they should get themselves enrolled in different clubs that are related to their interest. Being a part of these societies or clubs gives an added advantage for your CV and also experience that can be beneficial in the future. These clubs or societies give you a chance to build yourself and make a place in that field for you. For that a person has to be very active and take part in all the activities. If the work is of your interest then there won’t be many efforts to put in as it will be easy for the person to do it.

Make sure you have a standout CV – This is the most important thing that a recruiter will check when you apply for a job or internship. A CV is what you have done in your life till now and what have you learned out of it and how can you be useful to the company with your skills. There are various top best recruitment consultancy who first check the CVs of the students and then forward it to the companies. 

Career development is very important because it is the start of our career. To make a right decision we need the right guidance from someone who can help us in building our career. Without that it is not possible to do anything. Thus career development through people, guidance is must.

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