How Talent Management Process Make Better Employees Performance

Posted on: June 23 2018, By : Urmila Chiplunkar
Talent Management Process
Talent management process as the name itself suggests that the ability of managing, competency and power of working employees with an organization directly or indirectly.
The talent management process concept is not restricted to recruiting the right candidate at the right time. It extends to explore hidden and unusual qualities of your employees. It helps companies to improve employee’s abilities and nurturing them to get desired results. For organizations hiring the best talent may be a big concern today. But retaining them and transitioning them according to your culture is most important and difficult. For this purpose talent management process is the proper solution to get best out of your employees for the benefit of your organization. The talent management process is not just limited to attract the best people in the organization. 
The talent management process is a continuous process that meets an organization’s requirements involves sourcing, hiring, developing, retaining and promoting. If an organization wants to hire the best talent of its competitor to work with it, then you need to offer something that person beyond his/her imaginations to come and join your organization. But hiring the source doesn’t the main purpose getting the things out of him/her are the main task. Therefore talent management process is a fully integrated software solution that not only controls the entry of an employee but also his/her exit. Every organization needs best talent management process to achieve its goals and set them higher.
Recruit Best Employees for Better Performance by Talent Management Process –
No doubt people connected to Reputed consultancies are the main resource of an organization. Sourcing the best people from the market for the organization has become top priority today. The talent management process is becoming a key strategy to identify and fill skill gap in the company by recruiting high skill individual employees from the industry. Hiring new employees as per company requirements is never ending process for Reputed consultancy. To sustain and stay in the market with your competitors, the talent management process cannot be ignored by Reputed Consultancies also.
Let’s discuss the Stages included in talent management process-
1. Understanding the Requirement
Understanding the job requirements play a vital role in the success of whole talent management process. The main objective is to determine the job requirements. Developing job description and specifications is the main activity of this stage.
2. Sourcing the Talent
Targeting the best talent from the industry for your company is second stage of talent management process. In this stage talent management process search for the best people according to the job requirement.
3. Attracting the Talent
The whole talent management process revolves around hiring the best talent to work so it is important to attract the talent. Because our end objective is to hire the best people from the industry.
4. Recruiting the Talent
Process of hiring is known as recruiting the talent. Actual process of hiring starts from Reputed consultancies, where people are invited to join the organizations.
5. Selecting the Talent
At this stage companies conduct interviews of different candidates and evaluate them as mention in the job description. After evaluating candidate qualification, experience, skills sets according to the job requirements company invite best talent to join the company.
6. Training and Development
To get desired outputs from hired employees talent management process allows you to train and develop new candidates.
7. Retention
Hiring the new employees doesn’t serve the main purpose retention is the sole purpose of the talent management process. Retention of the employees depends on different factors such as salary package, job specifications, designation, challenges, career development, recognition, culture and the fit between job and talent.
8. Promotion            
Job promotion is an important factor because an employee cannot work at the same designation with same responsibilities for a long time.
9. Competency Mapping
The next step is assessment of employee’s skills, abilities, development and competency. Also try to focus on behavior, attitude, and knowledge of your employees. See any further possibility of improvement in them. The talent management process will give you a brief idea if an employee is fit for promoting further or not.
10. Performance Appraisal
For performance appraisal measure actual performance, working efficiency and abilities to identify the true potential employee. The evaluation of employee will help you to identify whether he/she have the capabilities of sharing extra responsibilities or not.
11. Career Planning
If the individual can handle the team work, pressure of work, extra responsibilities in a well manner way then management must promote his/her rank and salary to retain them for a long period of time.
12. Succession Planning
Succession planning is about that who will go to replace whom in future. An employee who is working in an organization for a very long time deserves top positions. Management must analyze each employee record deeply and plan that how succession will take place.
13. Exit
The talent management process ends when an individual gets retired or no more attach with the organization.
The sole purpose of the talent management process is to place the right person at the right place at right time to keep wheels of business in turning. The whole talent management process is very complex and difficult to handle for Reputed Consultancy. But the main purpose is to establish a right fit between the job and individual.
 At the end can say that talent management process has provide new ways to Human Resource department to handle problems faced in hiring talent. By the help of talent management process reputed consultancies are hiring right person for the right job as per organization’s job requirement and description. Talent management process is not only restricted to hiring best talent it also help companies to find out hidden qualities of employees to get desired outputs. Software help companies to manage companies goals, challenges and priorities.  

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