How organization select candidates for HR department

Posted on: January 30 2020, By : Shweta Vispute
How organization select candidates for HR department
Manpower is important part of any organization as their work decide company’s future. If company fail to recruit skill manpower then it may possible that they will lose their business and shut the company. Hence to recruit right manpower help organization to be successful and manpower hiring is human resource department responsibility. Therefore human resource department needs to complete their responsibility effectively. Human resources department related to both the people who work for a company or organization and the department responsible for managing resources related to employees. They connects organization to employees hence it is important to select right candidate for the human resource job. HR team ensure that employees are completing the task and helping company to grow. Organization create human resource department to work with their employees smoothly. Some organization hire recruitment consultancy in Bangalore to help in hiring process. There various steps to recruit candidates for human resource department. The hiring process include reviewing applications of the candidates, selecting the right candidates to interview, testing candidates, choosing between candidates to make the hiring decision and performing various pre-employment tests and checks. There are different sub division in human resource department like recruitment team, payroll team, HR manager etc. Recruitment team handle all the hiring process, payroll team handle all the payment and tax related process and human resource manager manage recruitment and payroll team. There are some third party payroll company in Bangalore who handle employees payroll process. 

Every organization create human resource team as per the requirement and size of the organization.  While selecting candidates for the human resource department organization prefer to select experience, skilled and qualified candidates. Some organization first select human resource manager and then the manager select candidates for different sub division with the help of his experience. 

Steps to recruit candidates for human resource department: 

1. Announce openings 
The human resource employee selection process usually starts with a manager or boss commissioning human resources to fill a new or vacant position. The manager first needs to decide what qualifications they desires in a job candidate. Once the manager decide, they invite candidates by advertising via different platform.  Manpower Agency in Bangalore hire human resource candidates for the organization. 

2. Review application 
Review resumes and match each candidate's profile to the job requirements. Companies sometimes receive hundreds of resumes for the specific number of vacancies. However, managers may only consider a half dozen. Recruitment Agency in Bangalore scrutinize the resume as per the company requirement and then schedule interview.

3. Primary candidate screening 
To save time and money, interviewing may start with a candidate screening interview, mostly if a job candidate lives out of town. Selection team will usually conduct the screening interview over the telephone to help narrow the field of candidates. A telephone interview also helps a company determine if the candidate has the necessary qualifications, skills and experience to warrant flying him in for an interview. Manpower consultancy in Bangalore first conduct telephonic interview process before arranging the face to face interview as it helps to understand candidate more effectively. 

4. Face-to-face interviews
After screening Process Company ask the candidates to come for face-to-face interview. Companies have different procedures for this interview. Some companies prefer to have all-day interviewing sessions, where job candidates meet with a different interviewer each hour. 

5. Selection process
All interviewers discuss about the candidate profile and decide which candidate will be the right for the post. The decision made on the basis of the candidate qualification, skills and experience. 

Human resource department help organization in growth with the help of manpower. Hence this is one of most important department for any organization. 
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