History of HRM

Posted on: October 16 2018, By : Shriniket Shetty
History of HRM
Human resource administration which was called as personnel management back in the days of early industrialisation emerged as a clearly defined field within the years to come after the growth boom amongst the various countries within the world. Human resource management was largely concerned the technical aspects of hiring and evaluating as well as training and compensating the employees which was also considered as very much of a staff function in most organizations. The field did not normally focus on the relationship of disparate employment practices on overall organizational performance or on the systematic relationships among such practices.
Human resource management has changed in name various times throughout history. The name changes were carried out mainly due to the changes in social and economic activities throughout the world history which also affected the industrial and business growth. The need for human resource management or manpower management back in the days was considered an essential resource if the concept of a successful business had to be followed. The organisations or businesses soon came to realise that an external or an internal group of individuals working specifically in relation to proving the best manpower available for the particular work was more important than ever.
These departments of a group of individuals seeking out effective employment not only recruited the right manpower for the right job but also made sure that these individuals also improved their way of work and became better at it while doing so. They also soon became responsible for imposing most of the business related regulations and legal bounds for a business to be secure in relation to its employees. All of these aspects constantly sought out to bring effective changes within how the businesses actually functioned and have been gradually changing throughout the years of advancements within various industries. The human resource management sector within an organization is in today's world an essential element in conducting any business related activities.
Human Resource Management within organisations become more necessary and developed in response to the increasing pressure from equivalent competencies due to  factors such as the overarching globalization, deregulation, and rapid technological change. Human resource management, consists of all the activities undertaken by an enterprise to ensure the effective utilization of employees toward the attainment of individual, group, and organizational goals. An organization's Human Resource Management function focuses on the people side of the organisational management.
It consists of practices that help the organization to deal effectively with its people during the various phases of the employment cycle, including pre-hire, staffing, and post-hire.The pre-hiring phase involves planning practices. The organization must decide what types of job openings will exist in the upcoming period and determine the necessary qualifications for performing these jobs. All of these changes further encouraged the growth and dire need of a more strategic outtake on the way organisations performed with respect to what kind of employees they needed pertaining to their business and also how the employees and the departments within the organisations needed to perform in order to be able to achieve the organizational goals and agendas in the long term. The strategies of the human resource management changed the working environment within the organisations in such a way that it boosted the effectiveness within an organisation and encouraged the employees and the various departments to  work in a more goal oriented way.
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