Everything You Need to know for Successful College Campus Recruitment

Posted on: February 25 2019, By : Shreya Laisetti
Everything You Need to know for Successful College Campus Recruitment
There is stiff competition for the best candidates these days, regardless of your industry or the job description. Job portals have made it possible for professionals to share their resumes, experience, and portfolios with the world, and competitive brands aren’t afraid to court top talent even if they’re not looking to change jobs. Colleges hire recruitment consultant in India to attract applicants and meet enrollment goals. They look for recruitment consultants well-versed in the admissions process who understand student concerns related to choosing a school. If you are comfortable giving presentations, able to relate to people from a variety of backgrounds and are well-organized, you have several skills college placement consultant in Mumbai need. Success in this career also requires marketing know-how, a willingness to travel and computer savvy.
The steep competition has made college recruitment a key resource for hiring managers. Manpower Recruiting on campuses can help you:
Discover emerging talent early.
Gain valuable insight from career services, student unions, etc.
Strengthen your brands with the development of competitions, co-op placements, and internships.
College recruitment specialists serve as ambassadors for the colleges. They spend a large percentage of their time talking about job life and internships to convince students to apply for the job vacancy. As a college recruitment specialist, you must be able to communicate to individuals from diverse backgrounds and speak in front of groups of students. You also want to hone your written communication skills in order to prepare presentations and draft copy for mailings and correspondence.
Campus Placement is not a new concept, but today’s graduates have different needs, plans, and demands than graduates of the past. If your company is wading into college campus recruitment, it might be time to up your game. You can also take help of top manpower agency who provide campus placement services. 
What appears to really be at play here is that organizations are using the university recruitment strategies that offer the lowest level of involvement. It’s much easier to send a recruiter to a career counselling fair than it is to build a training, apprenticeship, internship, or mentoring program. The latter strategies, however, help organizations develop stronger relationships with college students. While it’s difficult to tell whether the least often used strategies are most effective because there is less competition, or because stronger relationships are the key to success, it’s likely a combination of the two. To build the most successful college recruiting program, it’s important that you test and measure each strategy for yourself.
You must also think about your college recruiting program holistically. The recruitment strategies you use won’t matter if your employer brand, candidate experience, or employee experience scares talent away. Keep an eye on all three, and continually gather and act upon feedback to improve each.
Finally, you must keep in touch with the college students you meet, nurturing them until the right role is available. If you’ve built good relationships and a strong employer brand, you should be able to recruit entry-level talent now, and have a leg up when you reach out to a candidate in the future. 
College recruiting should be seen as a long-term game: building a strong talent pipeline for both current and future opportunities at your organization. Work on building relationships with college students through hr training in Navi Mumbai, apprenticeship, internship, and mentoring programs. That way, you build your talent pipeline while also helping close the skills gap that plagues the modern workforce. Once these candidates are hired, help them build a career plan and continue developing them so they can fulfill your organization’s future needs as well.
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