Employee Training & Development processes

Posted on: August 01 2019, By : Raviraj Mohite
Employee Training & Development processes
Employee training and development refers to the continues efforts of a company to boost the performance of its employees. Organizations aim to train and develop employees by using an array of educational methods and programs. A training program comes with very precise and measurable goals such as learning how to perform a particular procedure with accuracy or how to operate a piece of machinery. On the other hand, a development programs centers on acquiring broader skills that can be applied in a wider range of situations. It includes skills such as decision-making, communication and leadership.HR consultancy in India includes all aspect of development program.
In recent years, training and development have emerged as a crucial element for growth strategy. Best HR consultancy in India provides training in accordance to the ways an organization works. Many company owners have realized that investing in employee training and development not only serves as a motivation, but it also enables the organization to create a highly skilled workforce.
Knowledge and skills are crucial to every organization nowadays. Firms are evaluated based on their physical structure and intellectual capital. The easiest way to develop and improve a firm’s intellectual capital is to conduct regular training and development programs. Also, supporting untrained employees costs the organization more than it would if it employed well trained individuals. Top HR consultancy in India helps in identifying the skills required for a particular task. Other perks of employee training and development include improvements in employee performance, boosting company reputation and addressing weak links in the organization. Recruitment consultancy in India scrutinizes candidates based on their knowledge and strengths.   
There are various methods for employee training and development, and several common training approaches have proven highly effective. Some of the common methods include:
1.    Orientation: Orientation training is crucial to the success of new recruits. In this the new employees are provided with information regarding the firm’s background, strategies, mission, vision and objectives. Best Recruitment consultancy in India provide such training that gives new employees an opportunity to familiarize themselves with company policies, rules and regulations.
2.    Lectures: Lectures are efficient when the aim is to provide the information to a large group at once. There is no need for individual training and thus saves cost.
3.    Computer-based training (CBT): In this the computers and computer based tutorials are the primary means of communication between the trainer and employees. An advantage of CBT is that each employee is given the freedom to learn at their own pace in their most convenient time. Top recruitment consultancy in Indiaconsiders latest ways to provide computer aided training.  
     High impact training and development programs don’t just happen. Instead they’re the result of a careful planning and alignment process. The following steps can help translate business objectives in into tailored training plan:
1.    Identify Business Impact: Design and develop your training to meet the company’s overall goals. Keeping business goals in focus ensures training and development makes a measurable impact. Placement consultancy in India considers identification before taking further steps.
2.    Analyze Skill Gaps: BY finding out the gaps between employees current and ideal skills, we can better pinpoint what is the specific learning objectives should be. Best placement consultancy in India helps in bridging the skill gap.
3.    Layer Training Methods: The most effective training programs use layered training approach. A layered approach makes sure the program targets the essential employee, customer and business needs while training the right people at the right time in the right way. It blends learning experiences and training methods that maximize the benefits of time. Top placement consultancy in India uses the method of layering which helps in an effective training at the right pace.
Evaluate Effectiveness & Sustain Gains: Employee’s need for training and support don’t end when they get back to work. Job consultancy in India keeps a constant monitoring routine to evaluate the performance of its employees. In fact, continues support is required to ensure that initial training sticks. Measurable learning objectives are the foundation to evaluate and initiative impact.
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