Challenges in Recruitment

Posted on: June 25 2018, By : Sonam Tiwari
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With the increase in industry requirement for manpower as well as increase in applicants applying for it, the recruitment process has become difficult and time-consuming. Also, everybody goes after a “Quality over Quantity”, so bringing quality candidate to the client is important. Also with the change in market, switching of job has become more resulting in job-satisfaction of candidates. Major challenges of the recruitment process are as follows:
Finding a qualified employee:  Here the word qualified means several aspects of the candidate i.e. educational qualification, experiences, and various other skills that the company( Manpower recruitment consultancy navi mumbai)  requires. But finding a candidate with all the aspect is difficult as every other candidate may not fulfill all the quality. Also the number of candidates applying makes difficult to find the suitable one.
Job-Satisfaction of candidates: As the regular switching of jobs has become common in today’s market, job-satisfaction of the employee has increased. Incentives, office-culture, location are the major reasons for the job-satisfaction. Though the candidate is fit for the job but these factors make them to say no to the job making it difficult for the recruiters to hire right candidate. Candidates offer a long list of expectation that the new consultants find hard to meet. They have limited resources through which they are trying to place the candidates, so if they come up with some unexpected demands then it proves to be big challenge for them.
Time-bound: Few companies have recruitment period, and such company are bound to do recruitment in that period making a bottleneck situation in scheduling the interview process and shortlisting them. Time-bound keeps the mind of the recruiter always busy which may result into the hiring of the not so desired candidate. Also there are targets to hire a certain number of candidates, which may force the recruiter to just complete the number, not thinking of quality.
Genuine application: On the number of recruitment portals, several applications of candidates are not genuine. This makes the recruitment process even more time consuming and less fruitful results are seen. Sometimes the information present on the resume is fake or not used any more, such cases not only take time but also it affects the rating of the portal.
Maintaining candidate database: When you are new in the field, then it is quite natural that you won’t have a huge database of candidates already lined up. Instead, you will need to start from the scratch, so this is another challenge that the new recruitment consultants faces. It will take a long period of time to create the database, therefore when the client comes in with the requirement, in most cases you cannot provide them with a ready-made list of candidates. It in turn delays the process of recruitment a bit than normal.( New Job Recruitment in Mumbai )
Commitment from the candidates: It is one of the biggest challenges that new recruitment consultants face. Most candidates feel that these new kids on the block will not be able to provide them with the perfect opening that they are looking for in terms of salary as well as job openings. Therefore, what follows is a cat and mouse game between the recruiters and the candidates. The candidates don’t pick up the phone of the recruiter and even if they do, it is only to come up with the excuse that they are stuck somewhere due to which they are not able to attend the interview. This not only tarnishes the image of the recruiter but it also hampers the image of the candidate big time because it shows his lack of commitment and irresponsibility. It is frustrating for the recruiters as they are not able to fulfill their commitment as well due to these kinds of candidates.
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