Animation recruitment agencies in Hyderabad

Posted on: June 28 2020, By : Abhinay Tayade
Animation recruitment agencies in Hyderabad
Are you a student of Animation? Or Want to join and make carrier in such creative industry. Then this blog is for you. In this blog, we will see what is the condition of animation industry in India, What kind of jobs you will get and yes we will talk about the Animation placement consultant in Hyderabad. Because every ones want to work in good place. 
A career in animation is one of the most creative and fascinating work I have ever saw. And that’s why mostly youth, are getting attracted towards it.  And why not? If you are getting good salary packages, career growth as well as opportunity to showcase yourself with your creativity, now days a career in this industry could be the right choice. Let me tell you first, what kind of jobs are in this industry.
Here is the list of job roles in animation Industry:
3 D Animator
2 D Animator
Image Editor
Graphic Designer
3D Modeller
Character Animator
Key Frame Animator
Texture creator
Layout creator
AV Editor
Pre and Post Production executives
Rigging Artist
Lighting Artist
Story Boarding
Rendering Artist
Digital Ink and Paint handler 
Clean Up Artist
Multimedia Programmers
Isn’t it great? Mostly fresher’s get confused when company tell them about job profile in job description, but if you are going with Recruitment consultancy in Hyderabad they will definitely help you out of this. Also consultant helps you to understand what exactly industry needs from you.
 You need a perfect education for getting this jobs. There are animation and related degree available in India, for example: B.A in Animation, B.Sc. in Animation, Graphic designing, B.A in fine arts, Diploma in Animation and Certificate Courses. Animation Placement agency in Hyderabad know very well that industry need skillful candidates that’s they search for such candidates, who have proper degree. Apart from your degree you need some skills and qualities. Such as story sense, acting knowledge (required when working with animation character), sense of humor and communication and teamwork.
Other essential skills you have to develop is:
Good visual imagination
Good color sense
Ability to express Ideas through drawings
Detail oriented thinking
Computer skills
This Skills help you to do one step better than others. In India people thinks that we are lacking behind in the animation industry comparing other countries, well that’s not totally true. India is growing rapidly in this industry. There are more than 300 well developed huge animation studio in India. Do you know when the first animated film created by the Indian animation industry? It was in 1957. The film name is “The Banyan Deer”.  I am telling this, so you can get an idea that this industry is not new to us. And it will grow in a giant way in future.
Including Animation studios, Animation recruitment agency in Hyderabad also help you to recruit in the other branches of the animation industry, which is:
Gaming Sector
website design
Graphics designing 
3D product modeling.
Online and Print News Media
Cartoon Production
Video Gaming
Film & Television
Some of the Best Animation Recruitment Consultant in Hyderabad help you to grow also they keep you updated and give you a clear idea of company, with its history and environment. As well as give you training for final interview. Feedback is the most important thing that will you get from a consultant. I know some Animation Recruiting Firm in Hyderabad who help you in the all above things. “Seven consultancy” is one of them. They have decade of experience in recruiting field also have a strong network in all over the India. So Give a boost to your creativity and welcome yourself in animation industry with the help of recruitment agency.
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