AI Benefits for the employee experience

Posted on: September 19 2019, By : Nikita Naykodi
AI Benefits for the employee experience
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the boon to modern workforces that allows modern knowledge workers to focus on the most engaging parts of their jobs while making their companies more productive and effective.
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It is used to solve problems across the boards. It also helps to business to increase sales, detect fraud, improve customer experience and automate work process and predictive analysis.
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AI use [ML] Machine learning techniques were the data is generated automatically .The world economic forum predicts that by 2022, 42% of workplace tasks will be form of AI or Robotic Automation This will free human workers to spend more hours on innovation collaboration and strategic planning.IT is one of the segment of the workforce that understands AI’s big picture potential.AI will be in an incredible partners to humans in the workplace.
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The AI also gives the employees to perform small actions that will go in a long way in enhancing staff satisfaction and improving team spirit. Millennial are the growing majority at work today and they will consist 75% of the workforce by 2030.AR and VR enabled content is changing how we look of organizational level They are neither intrigued nor engaged by traditional learning modules and mechanisms with AI 
[Augmented reality] and Ml[Machine Learning] can break away from traditional systems and outdated LMSs [Learning Management systems]and graduate to immersive LXPs[Learning experience platforms]
AI can help build people systems by providing cognitive support and intelligent data backed decisions and making employees feel heard without making feel policed around .The technology has evolved from simply performing routine to repeating process and predicting future employee’s outcome.
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